Berkeley Pascal User's Manual

Version 1.1 - April, 1979

William N. Joy*
Susan L. Graham*
Charles B. Haley**

Computer Science Division
Department of Electrical Engineering
and Computer Science
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, California 94720


The Berkeley Pascal User's Manual consists of five major sections and an appendix. In section 1 we give sources of information about UNIX* , about the programming language Pascal, and about the Berkeley implementation of the language. Section 2 introduces the Berkeley implementation and provides a number of basic examples. Section 3 discusses the error diagnostics produced by the translator pi and the runtime interpreter px. Section 4 describes input/output with special attention given to features of the interactive implementation and to features unique to UNIX. Section 5 gives details on the components of the system and explanation of all relevant options. The User's Manual concludes with an appendix to Wirth's Pascal Report with which it forms a precise definition of the implementation.

History of the implementation

The first Berkeley system was written by Ken Thompson in early 1976. The main features of the present system result from the work of Charles Haley and William Joy during the latter half of 1976. Earlier versions of this system have been in use since January, 1977.

* The financial support of the first and second authors' work by the National Science Foundation under grants MCS74-07644-A03 and MCS78-07291, and the first author's work by an IBM Graduate Fellowship are gratefully acknowledged.

** Author's present address: Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ 07974.