Berkeley Pascal User's Manual

Version 1.1 - April, 1979

William N. Joy*
Susan L. Graham*
Charles B. Haley**

Computer Science Division
Department of Electrical Engineering
and Computer Science
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, California 94720


Berkeley Pascal is designed for interactive instructional use and runs on the PDP 11 family of computers. It produces interpretive code, providing fast translation at the expense of slower execution speed. An execution profiler and Wirth's cross reference program are also available with the system.

* An interpretive implementation for the VAX 11/780 is nearly complete, and a compiled version of the system, utilizing the code generator of the portable C compiler, is under construction, and should be completed by September, 1979.

The system supports full Pascal, with the exception of procedure and function names as parameters. The language accepted is very close to `standard' Pascal, with only a small number of extensions.

The User's Manual gives a list of sources relating to the UNIX* system, the Pascal language, and the Berkeley Pascal system. Basic usage examples are provided for the Pascal interpreter components pi, px, pix, and pxp. Errors commonly encountered in these programs are discussed. Details are given of special considerations due to the interactive implementation. A number of examples are provided including many dealing with input/output. An appendix supplements Wirth's Pascal Report to form the full definition of the Berkeley implementation of the language.

Table of Contents