Unix Seventh Edition Manual

Volume 1
cc (1) cc, pcc - C compiler
clri (1m) clear i-node
dcheck (1m) file system directory consistency check
dump (1m) incremental file system dump
dumpdir (1m) print the names of files on a dump tape
icheck (1m) file system storage consistency check
ld (1) loader
mkconf (1m) generate configuration tables
mkfs (1m) construct a file system
ncheck (1m) generate names from i-numbers
restor (1m) incremental file system restore
tp (1) tp - manipulate tape archive
signal (2) signal - catch or ignore signals
wait (2) wait - wait for process to terminate
hp (4) hp - RH-11/RP04, RP05, RP06 moving-head disk
dump (5) dump, ddate - incremental dump format
filsys (5) filsys, flblk, ino - format of file system volume
ttys (5) ttys - terminal initialization data
utmp (5) utmp, wtmp - login records

Volume 2A

Volume 2B
Setting Up Unix -- Seventh Edition
Regenerating System Software